Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviour, maintaining an orderly and secure community in which mutual respect and care are developed and concern for others and for the immediate environment.


The school has a strong behaviour management team and works closely with external agencies in supporting individuals where this is appropriate.  For students who experience difficulty working within the guidelines, a variety of strategies are employed.  These can include the withdrawal of privileges, lunch time or after school detention (twenty-four hours notice is always given for after school detentions) and internal exclusion.

Students who need support with their behaviour work closely with their tutors, subject teachers, Heads of Year and the pastoral team to set targets to allow them to make progress and think about their learning and the learning of those around them.

Students are made aware that the school still has authority over them while they are on their way to and from school.

In extreme (and very rare) cases it is necessary for the Headteacher and Governors to request the removal of a student from school altogether.  This exclusion might be the result of a serious breach of school discipline, such as striking another child, or it may be the result of a student committing a criminal offence during school hours.

The parents of a student excluded from school have the right of appeal to the Chairman of Governors and to the Local Authority if they think the exclusion is unreasonable.