Design & Technology at The Mountbatten School is concerned with the development of students' CREATIVITY through a variety of planned activities.  These activities involve the use of a wide range of materials and equipment. 

As students work through the school, they increasingly take control and responsibility for their own project work, utilising the skills and knowledge learnt in the earlier years.

During years 7 and 8 of lower school student’s work includes ‘Design and Make’ units of work in Food Technology, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Graphics and Product Design.  At the end of year 8 students’ complete a ’mini options’ process, in this they select the D&T subjects they wish to study in year 9 (up to 3 subjects).

In KS4 students are encouraged to take a Design & Technology course at examination level, this will involve them specialising further in an area of D&T.

Students are supported and encouraged to do their best at all times, motivation is seen as the key tool to ensure they display consistently high standards of effort, co-operation and commitment.

Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7 and 8 follow a D&T curriculum that involves them studying separate units of D&T work.  Each unit is taught by a specialist teacher and focuses on a particular material area. 

In year 9 they study the areas of D&T they have chosen through the ‘mini option’ they completed towards the end of year 8.  The areas covered are CAD/CAM, Food Technology, Graphics, Resistant Materials, Product Design and Textiles.

Key Stage 4

All students are encouraged to study a Design and Technology subject to examination level during KS4.  

The following are the specifications offered and exam boards used:

Resistant Materials, Graphic Products and Textiles

All have the same structure and are made up of three units as detailed below.  Two are controlled assessments completed in school during the 2 year course; one is an externally assessed examination which will be sat in the summer term of year 11.


Unit title and description


Assessment and duration





Unit 1: Introduction to Designing and Making

  • Developing research & investigation skills
  • Developing drawing skills
  • Modelling
  • Evaluating process

Internally assessed

Controlled assessment

20 hours

60 marks

30% full course


Unit 2: Making Quality Products

  • Designing for a need

Working with tools and equipment

Evaluating the product

Internally assessed

Controlled assessment

20 hours

60 marks

30% full course


Unit 3: Sustainability & Technical Aspects of Designing and Making

This exam focuses on the knowledge, skills and understanding involved in the design and making of products made from woods, metals and plastics

Externally assessed

Written examination

1 hour 30 minutes

80 marks


40% full course


Product Design

The aim of GCSE Product Design is to involve students in activities which develop their innovation and flair. The specification anticipates that you will develop your skills through working with appropriate material including ICT.

Assessment is through the individual assessment of four units.  These will be assessed in during the course of the years 10 and year.  This means students will be building up accreditation for their final grade during the course. 

Each unit is detailed below: -

Students will be working within a context set by a client, the candidate or centre, and will be required to produce a design portfolio. The context can be linked to their own interests, current trends, a particular design or designer, industrial practice or the community

Unit 2: Designing and Making Innovation Challenge
Unit 2 is a 6 hour un-tiered test, set by the exam board undertaken in two 3-hour sessions, normally on consecutive days. It is a teacher-led activity which stimulates and supports you through a thought-provoking creative exercise. Marks are awarded for the design concept and the way in which you have resourcefully used materials and construction techniques



This course allows students to develop their skills and knowledge in nutrition, menu planning and food production.  For those wishing to study the subject at 16+ this course will provide them with a suitable foundation for further study.

Practical work is an essential part of the course.  Students will cook on a regular basis and will require suitable ingredients.  Strict hygiene and safety standards will be applied in all lessons and students will be required to wear chef whites (jacket, apron and small hat).

Areas of Study:

Facilities and Resources

The Faculty is equipped with 7 specially designed specialist D&T teaching areas, they have recently been remodelled and modernised as a result of the up grading of the exterior walls.

There are two food rooms equipped with a prep area, two Resistant Materials rooms with a wood store and machine room, a Graphics room, a Product Design workshop and a Textiles room, recently equipped with new sewing machines.  We have two laser cutting machines and are investigating the purchase of a 3D Printer.

Teachers and students are supported by very high quality support staff.

Trips, Activities, Extra Curricular

We take students on various trips which are carefully built into lesson activity.  These include and annual visit to the ‘New Designers exhibition’ in London.  Here students see the work of graduate designers working in various materials.  We also visit the annual ‘Clothes Show Live’, this visit is designed for Textiles students and provides considerable motivation for their own project work.

Catering students sometimes visit catering establishments, and chefs from local hotels and restaurants regularly come into school to demonstrate various skill or judge students work.

We run many after school controlled assessment catch up sessions for students in the upper school and different lower school short term clubs at lunch times.  Students are always encouraged to get involved in competition and have had some success.


Picture of Mr P Tayler
Mr P Tayler
Co-ordinator of Design Technology
Picture of Mrs J Beck
Mrs J Beck
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mr S Brawley
Mr S Brawley
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mr S Hall
Mr S Hall
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mrs A Harding
Mrs A Harding
Food Technology Teacher
Picture of Miss R Kerins
Miss R Kerins
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mrs N Hensser
Mrs N Hensser
Design & Technology Technician
Picture of Mrs J Martin
Mrs J Martin
Design & Technology Technician
Picture of Mr M Sign
Mr M Sign
Design & Technology Technician

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