Design & Technology at The Mountbatten School is concerned with the development of students' CREATIVITY through a variety of planned activities.  These activities involve the use of a wide range of materials and equipment. 

As students work through the school, they increasingly take control and responsibility for their own project work, utilising the skills and knowledge learnt in the earlier years.

During KS3 students work includes ‘Design and Make’ units of work in Food Technology, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Graphics and Product Design. 

In KS4 students are encouraged to take a Design & Technology course at examination level, this will involve them specialising in an area of D&T.

Students are supported and encouraged to do their best at all times, motivation is seen as the key tool to ensure they display consistently high standards of effort, co-operation and commitment.

Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 follow a D&T curriculum that involves them studying separate units of D&T work.  Each unit is taught by a specialist teacher and focuses on a particular material area.  The areas covered are CAD/CAM, Food Technology, Graphics, Resistant Materials, Product Design and Textiles.

The final Year 9 project involves students studying a material area that they have selected to study in Year 10 at GCSE level or that they wish to study as their final KS3 unit. 

In Year 7 students get five 1 hour periods a fortnight, whilst students in Years 8 and 9 receive four 1 hour periods a fortnight. 

Key Stage 4

All students are encouraged to study a Design and Technology subject to examination level during KS4.  They receive 4 periods a fortnight in Year 10 and 5 in Year 11 or vice versa, depending on which option group they are in.  Our KS4 students should be provided with 5 periods in each year.  This is increasingly important as previous years have seen reductions in their KS3 teaching time.

The following are the specifications offered and exam boards used:



Picture of Mr P Tayler
Mr P Tayler
Co-ordinator of Design Technology
Picture of Mrs J Beck
Mrs J Beck
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mr S Brawley
Mr S Brawley
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mrs J Compton
Mrs J Compton
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mr S Hall
Mr S Hall
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mrs A Harding
Mrs A Harding
Food Technology Teacher
Picture of Miss R Kerins
Miss R Kerins
Design & Technology Teacher
Picture of Mrs N Hensser
Mrs N Hensser
Design & Technology Technician
Picture of Mrs J Martin
Mrs J Martin
Design & Technology Technician
Picture of Mrs C Loadman
Mrs C Loadman
Faculty Administrator
Picture of Mr M Sign
Mr M Sign
Design & Technology Technician

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