Religious Education aims to develop in students a more reflective approach to life and to enable and enrich this process through the study of living faiths. Through the study of major faiths, the department hopes to foster knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices which rest at the heart of these visions of life.

The course offers students the opportunity to explore and discuss some of the key issues that face us today. After doing this course students should become independent thinkers, good listeners and convincing debaters. The development and use of Personal Learning Thinking Skills (PLTS) is present in all RE lessons.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students in Years 7 & 9 receive 3 lessons a fortnight and 2 lessons in Year 8. All students are assessed summatively and formatively. Students have the opportunity to assess their own as well as others learning. AfL and 'thinking skills' are highly promoted across the Key Stage. Lessons encourage the ‘thinker’ to emerge in students and this is promoted through the use of Philosophy for Children (P4C) in each unit of work.

Year 7 Units

Year 8 Units

Year 9 Units

Key Stage 4

At KS4, those students who opt for RE receive 4 lessons in Year 10 and 5 in Year 11. Students are regularly assessed according to the AQA syllabus. The GCSE consists of two 90 minute papers and is 100% exam. We regularly encourage the participation of speakers from the local community to present to students at KS4. At GCSE the AQA syllabus drives forward the need for students to engage in a rigorous study of questioning and debating key philosophical and moral issues we face in our society.

Paper 2 (Life Issues) covers issues such as the environment, animal rights, prejudice and discrimination and early life.

Paper 4 (Religion and Morality) covers matters of life, death, world poverty, rich and poor in British society and crime and punishment.

Homework is set according to the school's policy.

Facilities and Resources

All of our RE Teaching Rooms have Interactive Whiteboards.

The department has a wide range of excellent textbooks, artefacts and other resources available. We are able to sell (at a discounted rate) revision guides for KS4.

We have shared use of a laptop trolley that is used for research/group work and presentations.

FROG features many resources for students to access at home for both KS3 and KS4.

Trips and Extra-Curricular Activities

Trips in Year 9

We run a trip to Golders Green in London to explore the Jewish way of life. Students investigate the Jewish shops, cafes and restaurants of the High Street before enjoying a kosher meal. We then experience a tour of a synagogue and listen to the account of a holocaust survivor.

Trips in Year 10

A cross-curricular trip is run during enrichment week for History and RE students. Students get to experience the fascinating cities of Nuremburg, Prague and Berlin. This links with the units of prejudice and discrimination and war and peace in the AQA GCSE at KS4.

Climate change conference at Winchester University to debate how faith has a role in concern for the environment.

Trips in Year 11

A theatre trip to see Wicked on stage in London which supports the unit of prejudice and discrimination


There is currently a Year 9 Philosophy Club that meets weekly to discuss BIG issues such as; homelessness, terrorism, poverty, homophobia, vegetarianism, identity etc.


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Mrs N Pandolfo
Head of RE
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Mr G Rumsey
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